Basic Logo Design Tips

  • Posted on: 20 November 2017
  • By: Fastech

Your first big graphic design project is your logo and a brand guide. Before you get into the basics of picking things like color and font, make sure you know what personality you want your business to have.
Then let’s say you know who your company is. Then it’s time to pick a font and some color. Its vital to take a step back and consider all the elements that can contribute to either making or breaking it. After all, your logo in some respects is the face of your company, it is what makes you memorable.

1. Memorable

It must be easy to remember
The aim of a logo is to ensure people can remember and recall it after just one quick glance

2. Simplicity
The best logo are Simpe. Brands that have mastered the art of simplicity are Nike, Apple & McDonald’s, these logos can be recognised and recalled within the blink of an eye.

3: Contemporary
It must move with time.
Logos should ‘stick with the time this does not mean it has to be trendy, there is a difference. A trendy logo will look good for now, but give it a year and it could look outdated and uninteresting

4. Flexible
A logo will be used in many different ways, on many different platforms. Therefore it is crucial that the logo you choose can be scaled up and down, screen printed, embroidered and more. To give some examples, your logo is likely to be printed onto merchandise such as business cards and alongside other company logos in magazines and brochures.

5: Innovative
It is imperative that before a logo is designed, you are aware of the competition. Nobody wants to create a very similar, almost identical logo to somebody else. 

Choosing your colors
Colors in and of themselves have a lot of personality.Consumers say that color increases brand recognition. Research Shows that the colors of the logos of a handful of companies colors and the feelings they represent. Red, they said, is exciting, bold and youthful. Orange is friendly, cheerful and confident. Yellow brings optimism, clarity and warmth. Green represents peace, health and growth. Blue evokes trust, dependability and strength. Purple is creative, imaginative and wise. And black and white is balanced, neutral and calm.
Those meanings, of course, change based on what shade of the color you use

Finding your font
Typography is an important element of design. It not only communicates the name of your company, but also its personality. According to Forbes Magazine Many companies link their brand’s font directly to profits. 
In Conclusion 
If you’ve got a startup or a small business you’re probably acutely aware of how graphic design plays a role in building your company. Similarly you probably know how expensive it can be to hire out graphic design projects.

That’s why it’s important to know some design basics yourself. Plus, the better understanding of this Concepts the more control you have over your brand’s appearance.
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